Update 2016

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We at Veterans Outreach want to say thank you for your support and also say we are so sorry things have not been up to date.  2015 went by so fast that we are so surprised it is now May of 2016 almost half way through the year again. We have attended many stand downs and helped so many Veterans this year it’s unreal.  We did a few new things this holiday season that we look forward to doing again and making them bigger and better each year.  We could not do these things without your support.  We were involved with 6 stand-downs for homeless Veterans across Texas,from Houston/Beaumont to Dallas/Fort Worth to Amarillo/Lubbock where we gave out over 500 hygiene care kits to homeless veterans.  We also gave away other hygiene items and donated goods from both of our chapters.  Thanksgiving we were able to give families the food items necessary to cook Thanksgiving at home.  Christmas we were able to sponsor 3 families across the state of Texas, with a full Christmas for parents and children.  After our mall season we were able to donate over $5,000 in gift cards to VA clinics in the North Texas Region to assist Veterans who are in need of help for gas or small financial needs.  2016 we are looking to grow bigger and do more things for Veterans.  We have a new campaign put together to order home kits to give to Veterans families who have nothing or are homeless.  More about that in the donations section.  Thank you again for being patient and this year we are projecting big growth and to help more Veterans.