Testimony from Chris

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My name is Christopher Michael Tomlin. I am a combat veteran from the United States Army. I served 4.5 years as a combat engineer and ETS out in 2013. Integrating back into civilian life isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially when the military lifestyle is the only thing I knew. As of recent times in my life I had become homeless and involved with the wrong crowd of people. This Program with the Veteran’s Outreach had falling into my lap, as if it was a gift or blessing from the lord above.

              I couldn’t be more thankful to the leaders, Amiee Hofer and Edward Harris, and this opportunity in which they have provided to me, in order to help me get my life back on track. Some of the ways in which they have helped me so far is that they have provided me with housing as well as a care package of personal hygiene items blankets and laundry soap etc. They have also provided me with a job so I can pay for my room and board and have a little money in my pocket so I can save it up. With these amazing opportunities in which the presented to me to help me change my life and get it back on the right track. It has also allowed me to get back into my studies for my bachelor’s degree. I give many thanks to both Amiee and Edward for all they do and the opportunity they give me and others like me to succeed