Holiday Missions

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Season Greetings,

Our mission this holiday season, to help as many Veterans and their families as possible.

We are hoping to provide 75 bountiful baskets with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving, as well helping 4 area Veterans families with a complete Christmas, Tree and presents for the whole family! We are calling it “Making a Memory” and that is exactly what we want to do, make a lasting memory for our Veteran families, our home town heroes.

We have given out 1,000’s in grants to assist with, rent, utilities, groceries, house hold items, if a Veteran is in need an we can help, we do!  Our Job program has actively employed over 50 Veterans with in our organization.

So far we have attended and donated over 500 hygiene care packs at local stand downs throughout Texas and are on our way to the Dallas and Fort Worth Stand downs this month where we will donate another 250.

Our holiday plans also include donating $11,500 in gift cards to VA’s throughout Texas for the holidays to help our Texas Veterans with their holiday wishes.

See our list of currently needed items for donation

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The veterans of DFW appreciate any help you can offer. Please let us know what you would like to donate and the best way to reach you.

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