June 2015

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So we posted that there would be an event in Midland/Odessa in June 27, 2015.  We sent out hygiene care packets and gift cards to be passed out to Veterans in need at the stand down.  This was the update we received right after the event.

I truly do not know where to begin to say thank you to all of you for your support and attendance at this year’s Veteran Stand-down / Resource & Benefit Fair!   Each and every one of you helped make this happen and am I so blessed to know and work with you.

The weather was a little warmer than we had hoped, but we had enough canopies to provide shaded areas.  The event was truly wonderful!!

Here are some of the numbers I have received:

  • People feed – 75 Veterans + vendors
  • Homeless Veterans provided with HUD/VASH appointments – 5
  • Veterans who adopted a rescue dog – 4
  • Veteran who will start service dog training – 1
  • Veterans who traveled – Corpus Christi area, Louisiana, Fort Bliss, Austin, Houston – 2 (of which asked for assistance getting into counseling in their local area)
  • Hook up for Veterans Court – with the Marine who is credited with the 1st Veteran’s Court in Texas
  • Volunteer hours donated to this event – hundreds!!
  • The count we have for all Veterans served in numerous ways – 75!!
  • People feed – 125 – 150”

Midland Standdown 2015