Valentine’s for Soldiers

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Veterans Outreach will be collecting Valentine’s day cards from local schools and
community members on January 30th 2018. The cards are distributed to local
veterans and active military members throughout the region.
The purpose of the program is to honor those who have served or are currently
serving in the U.S. armed forces, “to remember to appreciate people who have
sacrificed for us,”
The children learn about community involvement by making the cards and the
troops are reminded we care.
Help us spread the love this Valentine’s day !
We supply the postage, you supply the cards and love.









Mission Turkey 2017

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Mission Turkey was success! Veterans Outreach enjoyed helping families for Thanksgiving. Smiles all day long!!!

Christmas For Our Heros

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Veterans Outreach does this every year for our veterans in need! We are always trying to help!!!

Ronald McDonald House Donation 2017

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Veterans Outreach had a blast with the RMDH donations. Helping in any way we can.





FTW VA Donation

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February 23, 2017

We are refreshing a partnership with the Homeless Outreach team through the Fort Worth VA Clinic and a new partnership with Tarrant County Hands of Hope.  We were able to give donated items that will be handed out to the homeless Veteran Community in our area.  

The purses were donated to us full of feminine hygiene products.  The purse donation was given during our fall trip to Amarillo.  We also donated camera bags, cleaning supplies and other hygiene products to be utilized by the Veterans.   

Please visit our Donation page for any monetary or non-monetary donations.  Also look to see what we are collecting in our current drives.