August Stand-Downs 2015

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In August of 2015 we sent a big box of hygiene kits and gift cards to the Amarillo VA clinic that was hosting a homeless stand-down later in the month.  This is the testimonial we received from helping at the stand down and VA this past year.

“My name is Bobby Martinez with the Amarillo VA Housing First Program. From all of us here at the VA and from our community partners, we want to tell you all Thank You! We received a call from you before our first Stand Down for our Lubbock clinic. With great surprise and appreciation we received a box full of hygiene kits and Wal-Mart gift cards. This was a blessing to our department and most importantly to our Veterans. During both of our Stand Downs we were able to give out goodie bags that we handed out to everyone who came and inquired about our program. In those goodie bags were your hygiene packs as well as other items we provided. They were a big hit with our Veterans! We received great thanks from all who received your hygiene packs. Not only did your donations help our Stand Downs but we also used them within our program. We have added the leftover hygiene packs to our “Welcome Home” kits. These are given to Veterans who move into their new apartment in order to get them started with daily items they will need. Also, you sent us Wal-Mart gift cards which we used within the program as well. We used those for emergency food if there was a Veteran who ran out or needed some type of emergency groceries. Also, our department gives out queen size mattresses to our clients whom are housed, your contribution helped us to also supply bed sheets with our mattresses, which we had not been able to do before.

We are beyond thankful and appreciative for your support! It was a big surprise to us, but a surprise that was needed. The hygiene packs are still in use today with our “Welcome Home” kits, being a small town it is hard to give them all out… but we are trying! Again, thank you so much from all of us here at the Amarillo VA and especially from our program and our Veterans. We look forward to working with you and maybe meeting you at our next event!

Thank you for your service!”


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